Apr 26, 2014

TPS75933- 3.3-V Fixed-Output Voltage Regulator

TPS75933 is very low dropout 3.3V voltage regulator, which means it drop only small amount power in it.

The main features are
·       Maximum current of 7.5A
·       Thermal Shutdown Protection
·       Maximum input voltage 6V

Pin description
1.      EN – if ground is given this it will work.if we applied Vcc to this pin output will be 0V.
2.      IN – unregulated input voltage (Maximum input voltage 6V)
3.      GND
4.      OUTPUT
5.      PG-Power-Good –This pin indicates overload condition. It is open drain output. So it needs a pull-up resistor to get the indication. Output will low when output voltage is above 91% 3.3V. If output voltage is below 91% output will high. No need to include circuit.

 Application Circuit
1)As a fixed voltage regulator
Capacitors are used for to avoid ripples in input and output side.

2)As a high current switch
EN – Enable can be used to turn on and turn off the load.The logic high wills shutdown the regulator and vice-versa. Use pull-up resistor to avoid unwanted floating values.